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Ways you can live a more sustainable life

Ways you can live a more sustainable life
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This is a piece that has taken some reflection on what we’re doing in our day to day life and some practical steps we can all take to live more sustainably and use less of our natural resources.

We’ve been sharing more on plastic and how we can all live plastic free with just some small steps.  Here are a few ideas to get you started that we shared on our social channels:

  1. Buy reusable shopping bag
  2. Use a reusable drinking cup and water bottle
  3. Buy fruit and veg with plastic free packaging –
  4. Buy loose foods where you can to avoid single use packets
  5. Buy meat or fish with plastic free packaging
  6. Never buy bottled water
  7. Use plastic free cosmetics
  8. Make you own packed lunch instead of buying one wrapped in plastic
  9. Swap over to reusable milk bottles
  10. Use a silicon lid rather than cling film
  11. Buy your butter wrapped in paper rather than a plastic tub
  12. Wear clothes made from natural fibres

Remember plastic was made to last and has no place as a single use item apart from in medicine.

Find out more on how plastic affects our Ocean from Ocean Generation.

But it’s not just about our consumption of plastic that we can change to live more sustainably.


Think about your energy consumption, is your supplier using renewable energy to supply your home?  Could you hang your cloths out to dry rather than using a dryer and switch off any appliances on stand by when you are not using them.  Some small changes we can all make in our homes.

Sustainable clothing

Look for clothing from sustainable resources.  Our t-shirts are made from organic cotton, which come from sustainable supplies and we’re using vegan ink.   We can ensure our clothing is sustainable and you can wear the range with confidence.

Go Paperless

This one may seem obvious but choose to receive items by email and ask shops to email your receipt to you.  We do use paper as our packaging, but this recycled and can be recycled at home too.

By each of us taking action we can work towards a more sustainable future.  We’ll be reviewing the UN Sustainable Development Goals throughout this year and aim to commit to the ones where we can make a difference at Wilder Waves.

What difference can you make to live more sustainably?




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